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Soo’AE Black Charcoal Duo Mask Kit


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Charcoal Value kit simultaneously targets the face and nose areas for ultimate results.

Hydrogel Mask   nose strip

  YES   | CLEAN 

1 SHEET MASK 0.88 OZ. / 25 g

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         DOUBLE CARE + PURIFYING          



This anti-blackhead nose strip helps to refine impurities and excess oil. Black charcoal mask contains black charcoal and fruit extracts for brighter looking skin.

Duo Mask
1 Nose Strip, 1 Sheet Mask

Main Effects:
Double Care & Purifying






  STEP 1    1 Nose Strip

1. After cleansing skin, thoroughly wet your nose so that the patch adheres to skin perfectly.
2. Remove the transparent film and apply smooth side down of the strip onto nose.
3. Leave on for 15 mins of until the patch has dried.
4. Carefully peel the patch off starting at edges, pulling toward center.
5. Rinse off thoroughly with lukewarm water to remove residue.


  STEP 2   Sheet Mask

1. Clean skin thoroughly and apply toner and/or serum.
2. Unfold and place the mask onto the face, carefully aligning holes for eyes and lips. Smooth out air pockets.
3. Leave on for 15-20 mins then remove mask.
4. Take remaining essence and pat into skin. No need to rinse.



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