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Keep your gut healthy with live bacteria, probiotics!


50 single-serve packs/box

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Korea’s No. 1 Best-selling Probiotics product

  • Lacto-Fit contains over 10 Billion CFU (Lactobacillus) in a single pack.
  • The SYNBiotic formula includes both prebiotics and probiotics to synergize each ingredient’s benefit.
  • To provide more fresh probiotics, the expiration date of Lacto-Fit is shorter than other probiotics products.
  • It’s good to take for all your family members from children to adults.


Suggested Use
Take 1 pack daily or as recommended by your healthcare provider. (No need to drink water)


Why are Probiotics Good for you?
Probiotics are good, live bacteria that relate to the digestive system. This good bacteria helps boost the immune system, which links to the overall health. Due to irregular lifestyles, instant foods, and stress, many people suffer from an imbalance of bacteria, which affects their health problems. These friendly bacteria help prevent and treat diarrhea, reduce allergies and eczema, and lose weight.


We Recommend
  • People with delayed or slower bowel movements
  • People with bloating, gas, burping, or cramping
  • People who want regular bowel movements
  • Office workers and students who’re sitting in chairs for a long time
  • The elderly who’re experiencing a decrease in good bacteria
  • Toddlers and children with sensitive bowels


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