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KLASSY Compression Leg Sleeves

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Magic socks that make your legs thinner when you put them on!
Color : Pink
Size : 21 x 4.73 x 3 (inch)
Meterial : 15% Spandex, 85% Acrylic

In stock


KLASSY Compression Leg Sleeves

  • Applying the ‘core cotton yarn technology’, which differs from step to step pressure, to tailor the pressure rate for each leg area
  • Apply a fixed band at the end of the thigh to make sure that it does not flow down.
  • The cushion between the toes is a massage effect that spreads the toes and increases the blood held up by pressure.
  • A pleasant touch that can be worn without any strain -Excellent for helping the the entire leg swelling -Restoring from leg fatigue under strong pressure
  • Lovely color and gift box design which want to have and good to present
  • The tights, which use a high-fidelity yarn, pressure the legs to make them look pretty and resilient.
  • It helps on blood circulation, cold hand and feet, hydrotherapy, and varicose vein.
  • Unlike the existing compression stockings sold on the market, the toes are also wrapped together to aid body shape correction with the foot massage effect.

Legshaper Precautions
There may be pressure in the wearing area. Take it off if you feel excessive pain or feel a sense of incompatibility. If you have problems with your feet and legs, consult a specialist before applying them. If allergies, skin problems, stop wearing them and consult a specialist. Do not wear shoes or walk hard after wearing them. This product is expendable. Long-term use may result in reduced elasticity.

Laundry and storage method
Hand wash with a neutral detergent in lukewarm water below 30 degrees. In case of using the washing machine, use the washing bag in lukewarm water. Do not use chlorine bleach. Do not dry heat such as dryer or iron.


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