No. 1 Volume x Curl

Setting power that boasts strong curling without an eyelash curler

No. 2 Volume x Length

Length power that rich fiber makes rich lashes

How to use
1. You can feel better curling when you use an eyelash curler at the previous stage of mascara!
2. All mascara products should be used within 6 months after opening, Please make sure the lid is closed after use so that the contents do not dry out.



How to use

Tip: How to present pure gradation lip Its possible to present a more natural gradation to apply the contents of the stright tip from inside to outside of the lips

1. Tap the contents inside the center of the lips
2. Make two or three times with upper lip and lower lip touching each other
3. Finish weak and pure your gradation lips! 


How to present vivid full cover lip

1. Apply the appropriate amount to the center of the lips.
2. Fit smoothly to the lip line.
3. Complete full cover lips that look crisp and dumb!