PERIPERA Ink Fitting Shadow


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Peripera Ink Fitting Shadow

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Bring the world’s most beautiful to your eyes!

01 Vivid pigments that stick to eyelids and stay on all day!
Ink-like power in an eyeshadow! Color Payoff, Adherence, styaing power
With a perfect score in all three, this eyeshadow is the last one you’ll ever need!
One slight swipe delivers intense color to your eyelids!
02 An addictive texture you can’t stop touching!
Incredible texture created by wet processing (#04, #11, #13)
Soft and dewy at first touch; you won’t be able to keep your hands away!
03 Effortless eye makeup that can’t go wrong! 
Create gorgeous eyes with eyeshadow alone! With INK fitting Shadow.
Eye makeup beomes effortless 365 days a year!
No. 1 Ginger Tart 
A natural MEBB(my eyes but better) shade
No. 2 Sugar Sweet
Pearly shimmer for a sweet look
No. 3 Morning Toast 
An everyday color that crosses your mind first thing in the morning!
No. 4 Chemistry
A shimmery gold to complement any eyeshadow color
No. 5 Elegant 
Milky brown of breathtaking elegance
No. 6 Picture Perfect
An eye-catching gold befit of the red carpet
No. 7 Cocoa Puffs
A chocolatey-sweet and crisp brown
No. 8 Today’s Brew
Once hooked, there’s no escaping this addictive yellow brown
No. 9 Chocolate Chip
Shimmery warmth on dimensional eyes
No.10 Chocopresso 
Deep rich sweetness of a chocolate brown color
No.11 Bedazzled
Captivating sparkles of dewy brown
No.12 Espresso Shot 
Bittersweet love is like a shot of espresso!
No.13 Cotton Candy
Pearly opal for creating a set of mysterious eyes
No.14 Cherry Blossom 
Warm pink with scents of spring
No.15 Burning Pink 
Purple Pink for the hottest eyes on the block
No.16 Peach Candle
A soft tinge of color reminiscent of candlelight
No.17 Pink Recipe
The secret ingredient for heartmelting eye makeup
No.18 Sweet & Tangy 
Illuminating orange shimmer for a refreshing splash of color
No.19 Rose Ending 
Love that lasts beyond the final petal – dry rose color
No.20 Dramatic 
A rose brown color you can’t get out of your head!

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4 Chemistry Goddess, 7 Fondant Cocoball, 10 Choco Presso, 11 Bright Boss, 13 Cotton Candy Yamyam, 17 Pink Recipe, 22 Cheese Star, 28 In My Heart Pink

6 reviews for PERIPERA Ink Fitting Shadow

  1. Starr (verified owner)

    great overall

  2. Anonymous (verified owner)

    The color was great and has a decent amount of payoff

  3. Theresa (verified owner)

    Bought a few— the pigmentation is nice! Easy to blend. Lasts a full day which is great.

  4. Mary Grace (verified owner)

    Kind of small but i like the color

  5. Nina (verified owner)

    this eye shadow is worth every penny!! makes american eyeshadow look like old chalk in comparison. ultra pigmented long lasting shadow.

  6. Yi (verified owner)

    Love it^_^

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